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The Fiery Prince
I will ignite your heart.
19th-May-2030 04:41 am - HMD -
☲ A part of my brain died.
How am I doing? Is there something lacking in Wolfram's personality? Am I exacerbating something too much? Let me know!

I only have a few rules:

1.) Be polite.

2.) Be constructive.

3.) Remember, we're all adults here. Act maturely.

(Also - I'm not really fond of anonymous commenting. So don't be scared to post a comment with your journal. I'm honestly not internet savvy enough to stalk you or otherwise if I don't like what you have to say. And, really, why would I want to? That seems like a waste of a good time to me.)
29th-Apr-2011 04:36 am - ♙ Just a Pawn - Entry Six [Video]
☲ Stop it!
[The feed turns on and shows Wolfram...sprawled on a bed. He is sleeping soundly...for the moment. Just as he is about to roll over, there is a sudden flurry of movement under the covers.]

Wha-?! [The poor prince falls off of the bed, shocked into wakefulness by...what the hell is that anyway? He pulls back the blankets cautiously and finds...three birds.]

Who...did this? [Wolfram looks baffled as he investigates further and discovers that the birds are tied to him.] Tch! [Reaching for his sword, he raises the weapon over his head and brings it crashing down onto the tie. Nothing happens. Well, not nothing. The birds certainly don't like the blade being so close to them.

Feel free to comment on the squawking.]
12th-Apr-2011 03:46 pm - ♙ Just a Pawn - Entry Five [Video]
☲ Intervening.
No! I'm looking for - I don't care about -

[Wolfram growls and pushes his way through a throng of tour guides.]

YUURI?! I can't get home because of these - [There is a tell tale crackling sound and a bright flare as Wolfram calls forth his fire power.] Move!

["Sir, you shouldn't hold fire in your hand. It will burn your skin!"]

Ha! Why would my own fire burn me?!

["I haven't a clue! But you should look at this statue. It depicts the great..."

Wolfram groans and tries to walk away. But they follow him. What the hell?! Why didn't he bring his sword with him today?]
20th-Mar-2011 02:11 pm - ♙ Just a Pawn - Entry Four [Video]
ღ Put Out
[A very pretty and quite petite blond is glaring at Wolfram's communicator. She blows her bangs out of her eyes and purses her lips.]

What the hell is going on here?

[She tugs on her shirt, trying to make it fit. Only...her chest is much bigger now. It seems Wolfram has inherited something else from his mother. What a lucky boygirl.]

...Yuuri, don't look at me. [Oh so ashamed. He has no idea...]
☲ I won't leave your side.
[Wolfram is packing up his few belongings. Briefly, his back is turned to the camera. When he turns around, however, his expression is cold and determined.]

I'm moving in with you, Yuuri. Make the necessary preparations.

[He picks up his communicator and steps outside. Be prepared, boy Maoh. Your 82 year old fiance is not pleased.

Yet, as he steps out, he releases a somewhat sad sigh. The handcuff curse wasn't easy on him. He really does love Yuuri, you know. He's just...very passionate about his feelings. The poor prince hasn't learned how to temper them. He is like his fire in that way.]

You miss me, don't you?

[Give him some hope. Something. He'll cling to a thin strand of hope at this point.]
11th-Mar-2011 04:42 am - ♙ Just a Pawn - Entry Two [Video]
☲ Let's get down to business.
This is a strange place. Yuuri, where are you living? [Wolfram scowls at the communicator, looking as prim and proper as ever.] I think we should live together. That way, I can protect you.

[Because we know Yuuri needs it. The wimp.]

My first entry was entirely unproductive. My name is Wolfram Von Bielefeld and I am a Prince in Shin Makoku.

[He purses his lips and lifts his chin arrogantly.]

Does this city have some sort of military?
25th-Feb-2011 03:36 pm - ♙ Just a Pawn - Entry One [Audio]
☲ The bear is angry!
[The first sound Wolfram makes in the city is not a pleasant one. After being stuck on a rocking ship for far too long, the Mazoku can't stop himself from retching the moment it stops.]

Nn - [He whimpers and finally notices that he is being recorded.] Wh-What's this?

Y-Yuuri? [The sound of stumbling follows that call. Wolfram is now on his feet.] Where did we dock? Why didn't you wake me up?!

[Of all the nerve.]

You went off without me! I told you I wanted to be with you! [Why is that so hard to understand?]

[OOC: Sorting Hat RP members, this is for polychromatic. Please ignore. ♥]
21st-Feb-2011 06:28 pm - ☀23rd Spark ☀
☲ A part of my brain died.
Why does the squid like toast?

[Important questions must be asked!]

How does it eat it?

[...squids have...beaks, right? Wth, Hogwarts?!]

Do they even have digestive tracts?

[Guess where Wolfram is. And guess what he's doing.]
15th-Feb-2011 01:37 am - ☀22nd Spark ☀
☲ Hopeful
Yuuri, they're beautiful. Thank you. [He is, of course, referring to the flowers his wimp got for him.]

I used to detest this holiday, but, now, I think I understand it. [But don't expect him to start drawing hearts on his entries.]

To my Slytherin Dorm-mates, if you touch my roses, I will punish you thoroughly.

[Private to Yuuri.]

Can I see you to give you your gift?


[OOC: Feel free to have your character remember Wolfram making the holiday unpleasant for them in the past. When he's unhappy, he tends to drag everyone down with him.]
17th-Jan-2011 04:21 am - ☀21st Spark ☀
☲ Not a morning person.
[There is a large and rather noticeable ink blot in the middle of the page. It also seems to be smeared as if someone tried to wipe it away unsuccessfully. Under said blot, the following words are penned in a rather unsightly scrawl.]

Why can't I sleep?

[Though the question is redundant. Wolf knows why he can't sleep, but admitting that weakness wouldn't help him in the slightest. Then again, there might be a solution...]

Yuuri, talk to me. [And, by "talk", he clearly means write.] It might help. I certainly can't function like this.

[Sometime later, Wolf adds to the entry...]

I am starting to regret the segregation between the Houses.

[Who would have ever thought that Wolfram - the Wolfram Von Bielefeld - would ever regret that?]
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